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Questions About How To Insert A Tampon With Pictures

Linda asks…

Need help inserting a tampon (on vacation and I dont know how)?

Okay, so I'm on vacation, and I know how to insert a tampon. So I don't need a how-to guide. I need help knowing WHERE it goes. Even though there's pictures they don't help because it still doesn't show exactly where it's inserted. I just can't figure this out, and I'm beginning to become upset and I know I should be trying not to get frustrated since this is the first time I've ever tried using it (not being at home doesn't help). I feel like a dork asking, but I need help and my mom isn't on vacation with me so I don't have her to talk to... I looked at a few sites, even that beinggirl site, but even that didn't help me much becuase it mainly only said what there is (urethra, vagina etc.) not where they are.
I'm not worried that I can't do it. I just need more help on how. I mean tons of girls do this every day. I'm 15... and incredibly short, but I don't see how that changes anything... unless height matters? I don't just want to give up, I just want more advice. I tried, and it was incredibly uncomfortable, which makes me think I didn't do it right. I'm not afraid of doing it, just unsure.

admin answers:

If your having troubles, try Playtex sport. Most girls that have trouble resort back to pads but if you have never tried tampons before just research more online. Also check out this link

It works for ones with a applicator, wich are preferablally the best!

Daniel asks…

inserting first tampon?

I am 13 now, got my first period not long ago, and I was using pads. But I am in the swim team of my school and so far I haven't miss any tryouts, but who canstick ede that I will never. I tried the thinnest tampons (without applicator, OB tampons) and it doesn't seemed to work. I tried many, like 5 and still not working. So..I sorta looked in to the mirror while lying on my bed and openning my legs, and I don't see a big black hole( vagina openning) like in many picture. if i didn't look at the wrong place, i only saw a tiny point of a openning in a big openning. if i have a closed hymen, then my blood wouldn't come out in the previous periods, so if i have a really tight hymen, can I still use tampons?( my mom bought the ones with applicators, she said it's easier with an applicator)
and are there any tips about how to insert a tampon easier with a tight hymen? does K-Y jelly really helps?

admin answers:

If your hymen is really that shut, with only a small opening, you have to use something small on one end and tapering up to thicker . Coat with K-Y jelly and Inset it into hole and push slowly and gently. The hymen should stretch. Sorry but this MAY tear the hymen. You have to make the decision whether or not to try this and risk tearing the hymen. Sorry but it may come down to not swimming during period or "Deflowering yourself" Yourself....

Michael asks…

How is it possible to have intercourse with the Instead Cup inserted inside?!?

Hi, I've been looking around about having intercourse when a girls on her cycle. Some girls said they use the Instead Cup but looking at the pictures of this alt. tampon/pad wouldn't the guys package move it further; therefore, causing a medical problem?

Also, if you have used the Instead Cup is it comfortable and easy to put in? I'm a rare woman who hasn't used a tampon ever.

Thanks in advance !

admin answers:

The Instead cup is shaped like a diphragm, and cups over the cervix (this is how it catches the menstrual flow). The vaginal vault ends with the cervix, so that is where the cup goes, and it can't go any further, so your partner couldn't possibly push it any further into your vagina so there is no need to worry about medical complications.

The cup is easy enough to insert but it takes practice, and a total comfort with your own body (not to mention not getting freaked out by touching menstrual blood), as well as KNOWING your own anatomy because you need to know how your body is built in order to get the cup in place properly.

Lizzie asks…

Can you help me with tampons?

I'm 13 and I've had my period for about 8 months. I am going to the water park in a few hours and I need to know how to insert a tampon. My mom and I are very open with each other, so would it be weird if she stayed outside the door and guided me through the process? Also it would be helpful if I could see some pictures of it, and this is my first time and I'm scared.
Thanks for all the help:)♥

admin answers:

I would ask your mom to show you how to do it while you're still in the house.

When I had my second period, we went to a waterpark, and thats when I started using tamps.

Um, I know this is kinda a weird question, but do you know where exactly youre vajayjay is? Cause I didn't know exactly where the exact hole was till after I started my period.

Pretty much, you have to relax. If your muscles are all tight, it'll be hard to get in. WASH YOUR HANDS, before and after. Even if it does look weird washing your hands before going into the stall. Sit on the toilet, take some deep breaths, and just push it in.
I actually get some toilet paper and wrap it around my finger and wipe around "in there" to get rid of some of the blood. You don't have to do this, its been about a year and a half since mine started and I just recently started doing this.
There are probably pictures of it on the internet.
Don't leave the tamp in for more than 8 hours under any circumstances!!!! You could get a deadly rare infection. Don't get paranoid, as long as you wash your hands and take out the tamp before 8 hours are over, you won't get TSS.

And just so you know, every woman using tamps was just as scared as you are, and just as clueless as you are probably feeling.
But honestly, I forgot it was in there after a few minutes in the water. Have fun!

But one thing, if you're using a tampon with a string, be sure to check that the string is inside your bathing suit. It's super embarrassing if theres a string hanging down your leg, and some random girl your age tells you about it.

David asks…

Ladies!! What should I do about my period?

I'm in 7th grade & I started my fifth period last night. We have a swimming unit in PE & I haven't used tampons before. Tomorrow is really important because we have a 14 minute swim & it's the fourth to the last day (we were planning on doing other things for the rest of the unit, so I kinda have to swim). My mom is on a trip & she won't be coming back for about another three weeks. I don't have any older sisters or cousins that can help me.

The ones I found didn't have an applicator & are a little smaller than my thumb. They are o.b. regular flow. My mom also had tampons with a cardboard applicator, but I was told they are harder to use, & they are of a higher absorbency. I had another ONE from this sample kit they gave us at school, & it is regular flow with a plastic applicator. I'm kinda scared to use that one because it looks.. big. If I were to use the one with an applicator, I was going to wear it tomorrow because if it is easier, it would be better to wear in the pool.

I basically want to know EVERYTHING about inserting tampons. Here are some of the questions I have (I know some of them sound kinda weird, but it would be really great if you could help me with this):

How do you insert a tampon without an applicator?
• If I were to insert the tampon with the plastic applicator, how should I do it?
• Which.. hole do you put it in? If there's even.. a picture, I'd appreciate it.
• When (before I jump into the water) should I put it in & take it out?
• Which brand is best for you?
• Would it be good to wear board shorts with my swimsuit?

I know it's a lot to ask, but if you could tell me as much as you know, I'd appreciate it. I know I probably should use a pad, but this is a case where I want to use a tampon. Best answer gets ten points!! & You'd really be helping me out. Thanks (:
This is my first time, but I have to start sometime & I really want to go for it. If you could still answer my questions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!

admin answers:

Ok best brand for me is tampax pearl plastic aplactors are easier to use and there is a nice way and some info about tampons on u can wear them in the pool and if i were you i would were board shorts but thats just me you put it in before you go swiming and if oyu can try using a few tonight so you can have the hang of it take it out 2-4 hours after you put it in.
I hope i helped best of luck

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