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Questions About How To Cite A Website In Apa Format

Richard asks…

How to cite information in a table in APA format?

I've created a table using information from a website. I need to cite this in APA format. Can anyone explain to me the appropriate way to do this?

admin answers:

You need to scroll down, but the information you need is listed under Data.
Hope this helps

Betty asks…

How can I cite a physical location APA format?

I went to Bevemo ( a chain liquor store) to collect prices of beer. I then used those in a chart in paper I am writing and how to cite it APA format. How do I cite information obtained from a physical location ( I did not get the numbers from their website)

admin answers:

Nothing other than what you are doing. You would not be "citing" a source as such, so you don't need to use the APA referencing style for this data. As you realize, you are reporting the data of your own original research, not a source created by someone else. To do that, you might have a table or graph of the results of the beer prices (as you have done), and refer to those as you discuss the results, eg. .......(see Figure 1), (see Table 1), etc.

You would obviously name the location/store at some point in the essay, eg. The Abstract, intro, or method, in no particular way, just as you would a normal proper name.

You can see how a typical table or chart of data is formatted in APA style on pages 24 and 25 of this sample paper from the APA website:

Ruth asks…

How would I cite this webpage in APA format?

I'm having a hard time citing this website, but i would really like to use it in my research because it is informative and has the information that i need. please help!

admin answers:

(2009). The Renfrew center. Retrieved from

Donna asks…

How do I cite an organization in APA format?

I have a paper on diabetes due tomorrow. Its all written up and done, except for the citation, which needs to be in APA format. I used a quote from an organization's website in my paper. How would I site when using the quote as well as in the reference page? Thanks!

admin answers:

Here's a link about APA citation formats, use the one that is most helpful and best fits the way the website is managed to you!


Also, another way to cite quotations, especially popular phrases is to directly mention it in your paper without needing to use the APA reference formats.

Ken asks…

How do I cite a web page using APA format?

The web pages I am wanting to cite are just data type pages, there are no articles or authors. I am just using statistics such as the US Census website and the dept of Health web site. It MUST BE IN APA FORMAT!.

admin answers:


Entire Web Site

Title of Page. Retrieved , from


Federal Consumer Information Center. Retrieved September 23, 2000, from

Specific Document on a Web Site

These citations will often follow a similar format to that for print with some additions and deletions.


Federal Trade Commission. (2001, September 13). Consumer awareness at gasoline pumps urged [News Release]. Retrieved September 28, 2001, from

Intext citation: (Federal Trade Commission, 2001)

DiCarlo, L. (2000, September 22). Forbes 400 richest Americans. Retrieved September 23, 2000, from Http://

Intext citation: (DiCarlo, 2002)

Nike, Inc. (2002). 2002 Annual Report. Retrieved September 26, 2003, from Nike, Inc. Web site

Intext citation: (Nike, Inc., 2002)

Note: if there will be more then one reference to a company web page for different documents, identify the document either in the text of the paper or in the intext citation, e.g., (Nike, Inc., 2002 Annual Report).

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